“Pippa has been an absolute rock to me over the past few months, She keeps me organised, focused and motivated and I know that once a task is passed to her, I don't have to worry about it again. What's more she is a pleasure to be around. She has a wonderful sense of humour and literally fizzes with ideas of how to improve things and how she can help other people be more efficient and effective in their business. Like me, she sees opportunities to connect people and gives a tremendous amount of herself to the strong relationships she nurtures. ”

Nicky Thomas

The Growth Community

“Pippa has been an amazing asset to our company, she helps keep me and the team focused and on track on our projects but also knows when not to push. Would recommend anyone who needs that kick to talk to Pippa, you won't be dissapointed!”

Chris Allbones

Drumbeat Marketing

What can I say about Pippa and her business mentoring, she is totally amazing a 5STAR blue print on how to make an Idea over coffee a reality. 

 Starting with a brainstorming session over coffee and cake, I presented an idea I had for a business, but highlighted the fact that I have absolutely no Idea what I was doing or how to start. I have read many fantastic books on how to start a business from some very successful entrepreneurs, such as Phil M. Jones, Grant Cardone and many other and the advice was always valuable but missed one key fact “Exactly how to start”. 

 Pippa’s mentoring broke down not only what needed to be done but in what order it needs to be done and when, giving me a clear plan on how to build my business. I had all but given up at 45 stating my own business, but with help and support of Pippa I had a structure a task list and could visualise my business in just the first meeting. 

 Pippa keeps track of your progress holding you accountable for your tasks and actions to ensure each area it ticked off and we move closer to your businesses launch date. Each session has a re-cap to see how far you have come in completing your tasks and an accountability session to ensure if tasks and actions have not been completed we find out why and if there is any further support Pippa can give to ensure that these task/actions are completed and we stay on track. 

 So now with the help of Pippa I can introduce my Business “Missing Piece” a company I am passionate about helping Businesses, Schools and Government organisations to support Autistic and Dyslexic Children and Adults though day to day tasks that might be over whelming for then such as booking a doctors appointment or even cording a Pizza by creating a bespoke script for them to follow, and Business and Government organisations rewriting scrips, procedures and hand out sheet to help support in schools and the work place. There is much much more to this brand but one thing is for certain without Pippa’s help, Missing Piece would still be an I idea I created helping my son who is on the autistic scale feel more independent. 

 I cannot thank Pippa enough for all the hard work and support she has put making this idea over coffee and business you could say Pippa was my Missing Piece. I would recommend this to anyone that may just have an Idea a Dream and ever wondered what if? To reach out to Pippa and find out more about what she can do for you, because I can say truly as CEO of Missing Piece, you will not regret it.

Sean Courtney

Missing Piece

“Accountability, focus, support, and a timely kick up the bum when needed....I've experienced all of this from Pippa in just this week. Pippa had a great knack of seeing through the mass of ideas, things that need to be done and opportunities to grasp to help you focus, develop a prioritised plan and then makes sure you stick to it. I've made great progress in my business that I know I wouldn't have achieved if Pippa wasn't in my life. ”

Tracy Cartwright

Danum Business Solutions

“Pippa has been a revelation to work with, being self employed they world can rapidly become a lonely place with no-one to keep you accountable to the world domination plans that you come up with at 2am in the morning. Pippa has helped keep me on track and moving forward with the plans that I need to put into place in my business rather than carrying on doing what I have always done because it is doing an ok job. If you either have a new start up business which you need keeping on track with or you are feeling a bit flat in your current biz I can highly recommend Pippa.”

Katherine Rowel

Brindle House Financial Services

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