Pitfalls & Positives of Planning - How being held accountable can help

Ready to start? - I wasn't but I did

So after a lot of writing and re-writing and panicking and procrastinating I finally delivered a webinar to some very patient business owners and took up 28 minutes of their lives that they will never get back, but do you know what I absolutely loved it.

Ok so that may be a little over the top not sure I even enjoyed it but I did survive and having had a little constructive feed back will be doing it all again in October. I had 4 questions come out of the webinar which I am happy to answer for you.

1) How far in advance should you plan?

Well there is no right or wrong answer to this but initially you want to know what your end goal is so if that is a 1yr, 5yr or 10 yr goal that is the start. We then work backwards from that breaking it down to what you want to happen in the first year and then break that down further to 3,6,9 and 12 months.

2) How much time should I spend planning each week?

Probably only about half an hour. I do my main planning every 3 months and then break that down to weekly sessions so each Friday I plan for the following week. Updating my diary and blocking out time with my plans for the week.

3) What is the best thing to use to start writing processes?

Whatever you find easiest. Personally I prefer pen and paper because I find it easier to make alterations and insert steps I may have forgotten. But if you prefer using flow chart apps then use that. All I would say is make sure that you check you have every step down because if any of it can be automated it is easier to set the automation up if all steps are written down than if you have to put another step in that you have forgotten.

4) Can you tell me more about your accountability?

Ok here’s what happens, I hold planning sessions and from that I help you work out the steps you are going to take to reach your goals. I can then hold you accountable to your plans on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis. I can give you a right royal kick up the ass, be a nag sat on your shoulder or gently cajole you along. By getting to know you and how you work this is how I would determine what kind of accountability works best for you.

Why not book on a planning session and lets get these steps taken?