The Outline

Customer: Aaron Jack

Company: Prblm Ltd

Industry: Web Development and Design


Aaron Jack is the founder and CEO of Prblm Ltd, a website designer and developer that mainly deals with building websites for accountants.

Aaron knew he was getting lost in all aspects of the business and was struggling to sign projects off at the end. He understood he needed accountability to keep him on track during a project and could see that Pippa could help with this.

Since working with Pippa, Aaron has closed projects off much quicker and get some structure and processes in place to ensure he can do this every time.

The Story of Prblm Ltd

Aaron and Prblm are at the beginning of their journey, but what a journey that is. A web developer created websites for business, but then decided to niche right down and work with accountants. Providing a service for one audience has been a significant change for Prblm.

Knowing that they were growing at a fast rate, Aaron has taken on staff members to help him run the business effectively. They have many projects and clients running simultaneously, and Aaron sometimes has to work around his developers to ensure the business runs as efficiently as possible. Aaron and his team work hard to provide high-quality websites for his clients, and it is clear how passionate and proud he is about the business.

 I didn’t know how to realise my potential.”

The Challenge of Project Management

Aaron struggled with the client side of the business, finalising projects and getting them over the line, debriefing and getting invoices raised and sent out. It was becoming an issue that the administration side of the business was getting lost. Aaron admits ‌he has ‘shiny object syndrome’, for technology and this meant that he often got lost in a new programme, allowing clients and projects to be put to the side. His developers and designers needed information for projects, and Aaron was struggling to keep up with the projects. He was moving from project to project without finishing them.

Aaron had already recognised this as a problem but wasn’t sure how to solve it. He was stuck in a rut that he knew was unsustainable for business growth.

 “I am a classic creative, with shiny object syndrome.”

Why Prblm Ltd Chose Pippa.

Aaron met me through networking with Nicky Thomas’ Growth Community. We got chatting at a meeting and he mentioned he might be interested in some accountability workshops which I’d just started up. He told me he struggled to keep on top of projects and get them finished.

He loved working on the project but struggled with keeping accountable and not flitting and floating between new tech and the project. Aaron knew he needed some help in that area, and when we spoke about getting goals together, he agreed it was something he wanted to work on.

 “I needed someone to give me a carrot and stick.”

How Pippa Responded

Together, Aaron and I first sat down and discussed where he needed help urgently. We agreed Aaron needed to get projects signed off and invoiced in a timely manner, but he had no processes or strategy for this. I arranged for new processes to be put into place and goals to be written so Aaron knew what he had to work towards. By helping him with timelines for projects to ensure the last few bits and pieces were not left until the last minute, Aaron could help his developer and designer get things finished without the goalposts being moved if Aaron got involved in something else.

 Aaron admitted he struggled with launching sites, as it then felt real that the job was done. He also worried about things going wrong with the launch or website, so we ensured testing was done and that we discussed his fear and why he felt this way.

The Results

Since working with me, Aaron has got more projects finished and invoiced. He no longer fears getting the administration side done, as he knows I will be around to help.

With processes, goals and strategies in place, Prblm is only going to get bigger.

 Aaron has also realised that his developer and designer are there to help him, not hinder. Being able to outsource has been something that he can do more of in the future, so he can keep up to speed with invoicing, finding clients and onboarding them. I also help with general administration tasks for him, so he doesn’t have to worry about them.

“Pippa helped me get over the fear.”*